Monday, August 15, 2011

Name that Boat

The name of the boat was going to be "Miss Vicky" or if the transom were bigger "Lil' Miss Vicky D" since my wife Vicky was so patient and supportive of this whole project. However, Vicky came up with "Work of Art" and lobbied with everyone for that name. I was reluctant as it might seem a bit braggy. But with the boat turning out pretty sweet and all, I caved and told the graphic guy to change it. He also agreed with Vicky, so that ended the debate. I had the boat model, "Squirt" put on the sides and a 1/4" red pinstripe added to tie the side paint scheme together.

The "spun" prop issue became a bit of a goose chase to find a place that could check the prop. With help from a fellow AOMCI member, I went to R. H. Smith Co. in Algonac and one of their experts checked the prop and determined the prop was fine as far as he could test, but a full test would remove the hub and he didn't have replacement rubber parts to rebuild it. Another lead took me K & D Marine where a sympathetic AOMCI member dug into his personal stash of old parts and I was able to buy a used prop that fit my motor. This 3 blade prop worked better, but I still had what now was pretty clear to be cavitation or ventilation due to the transom height being a tad too high. So I routered down the transom to 16" which is what the Mark 25 owner's manual recommends. Back on the lake and problem solved, although the boat seemed slow. Further investigation found this Michigan AMC 507 prop is designed for heavy loads such as pulling water skiers and not speed. I just recently put the original prop back on and it performs fine and the boat is faster as was expected due to its higher pitch.

For the seat upholstery after I had three ideas sketched up, then my daughter Katy sketched up a design that incorporated the side paint arcs into the seat back. This was the best design and the upholsterer said she could do it. Vicky and I worked with her to find good matches on the colors and the seats she made look terrific.

We're out on the water now and enjoying the boat and the compliments from those who see it.