Monday, March 8, 2010

Second Verse same as the First

When I got ready for putting on the second side, I enlisted some help. With the first side, after juggling the long panel and then clamping, drilling, screwing, kneeling down, standing up, unclamping, reclamping, etc. about 100 times, I figured I needed to share the fun with someone else who has an interest in boat building. I called my friend Rick Meese and he eagerly volunteered to help. It definately went a lot smoother with two sets of hands. After mixing and applying the wet out coat of epoxy and then a thickened coat to the frames, Rick held the end of the panel while I put in the alignment screws and made sure the bow end of the panel mated up to the stem at the right spot. I put on enough clamps so the panel was self supporting and then Rick drilled a set of three holes while I sunk the screws in place. Then I would move clamps and we would do another group of three screws. At the front and the back with the severe wrap areas, Rick judged epoxy squeeze out while I clamped, belt clamped and brought out the arsenal of clamping power until the side was where it needed to be. This side went much faster with less sweat than the first. Thanks Rick!
The last photo shows both sides trimmed and faired along the upper side member (chine) and the battens in place being faired for fitting of the bottom plywood.

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