Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost Finished

With the first coat of epoxy on the deck it looks almost finished....but the final finishing as well as quite a few other things are left to do.
After brushing on a coat of epoxy quite a few air bubbles formed. I tried using a heat gun to lower the viscosity, but it brought out even more bubbles which didn't seem to help. So then I dragged a piece of foam roller over the surfaces and it took out a lot of bubbles. Then I left the room before I totally messed it all up. Overall, it looks pretty good and its exciting to see how the boat is going to look.
Before I invest any more time into finishing, the next items to get done are cutting out the hatch and getting the throttle/shift control mounted and trimmed. It will be mentally difficult to cut holes into what looks nice just the way it is. At some point the gaps between the planks will get caulked with white pigmented and thickened epoxy. I did a trial of that on one of my sample boards and it came out pretty good. More on that later.

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  1. Art, if you can shut off the heat in the basement after you apply the epoxy, letting it cure in falling temps will help less bubbles form as well as the foam rollers. If the surface is getting warmer as it cures more bubbles form from the wood "outgassing"