Monday, October 31, 2011

Water Spots on the Coffee Table

Some people call my boat "The Coffee Table" as it has a bit of a furniture quality look to it. One of these people is Lisa Lirones, the wife of Bruce Lirones, who inspired me to build a boat, and the mother of Brett Lirones, my daughter's boyfriend. Lisa is a professional photographer. The Lirone's came for a visit during the Woodward Dream Cruise, so we went out on the lake and Lisa took a few million photos so I'll post a few of them. She captured a few water spots in the making.

The only person not pictured is Lisa, since she took all the photos.

The only problem with referring to my boat as a coffee table is that my wife Vicky might start decorating it with paperweights, family photos and knick-knacks.

But maybe next year I'll get some coasters so the beer cans don't leave rings.


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