Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outboard Lake Testing

Yesterday was a beautiful day and time to give the outboard some time on the water. My son Bill and daughter Katy joined me for some time on the lake. We loaded up the motor and went over to my friend Ted's house and after a bit of switch-er-roo, put my motor on his aluminum fishing boat. Unfortunately, the transom center motorboards were about 1/8" too thick to mount my outboard. So we put it to the side of center where there was a trolling motor mount.

The one issue with the motor is the recoil starter pawls aren't flipping out and engaging the flywheel reliably. This often results is half the rope pulling out before anything happens. So the first start was a bit difficult. Hopefully removal of the recoil unit and a bit of lubrication will fix it. Luckily, Bill is young and strong so he kept pulling and I tweaked the choke until it fired up and ran.
We had a nice couple of hours on the lake. Bill's GPS said our max speed was 21.7 mph! I'm sure with the motor in the center of the transom, some tilt adjustments, height adjustments, and tossing a child overboard, we could have gone faster!

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