Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flip It...Flip it Good

The time for the flip finally arrived! To have some music to flip by, listen to Devo "Whip It" and think "Flip It". Here are the lyrics I put together for it:

Crack that flip
Give your boat a slip
Step on a tack
Break your flippin' back
When your project comes along
You must flip it
Before the dream sits out to long
You must flip it
With someone very strong
You must flip it
Now flip it
Into shape
Top side up
Get straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to protect it
Its not too late
To flip it
Flip it good
When the right time comes around
You must flip it
You will never live it down
Unless you flip it
No one gets away
Until they flip it
I say flip it
Flip it good
I say flip it
Flip it good
(Repeat from beginning)

The boat was readied for flipping by drilling 1" holes in the box that bow sat on and inserting a pipe clamp with a turnbuckle inserted around the pipe to provide a pivot point. I then rigged that up to a come-along to lift the bow. The plan was to rotate the boat like on a spit. The rear of the boat was place on a salvaged oak bannister rail and jack stands. A rope was also suspended from the ceiling joists as support during the flip.
The forms were removed from underneath the boat, the cradle put in place and with Ted and Roger doing the heavy lifting, we began the flip.

The oak support was removed and the rope and cradle used to provide a rest at half flip.
The boat now rests on the cradle and a new phase of construction is about to begin!

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