Friday, December 4, 2009

Building Forms

The basement exercise room became the room of choice for building the boat....never got any use as an exercise room anyway. I didn't want to tear out the carpet, so the old ping-pong table that needed to disappear became the foundation for my form. I reinforced the underneath side of the ping-pong table with 2x4's and by rotating each half 90 degrees I got a platform 4.5'x10'. I surrounded it with 1/4" scrap plywood used for floor protection in a former life and I was ready to go. We won't talk about what it took to clear the room out of all the accumulated stuff.

I decided to add 8" to the height of the form going to 32" rather than the 24" called out on the plan. I thought my knees would appreciate it. To support the stem and breasthook, I got a little creative with an extention off the platform to get the height and length needed. With the old stereo speakers now mounted up on the walls and out of the way, I'm a-building and a-dancing.

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