Thursday, December 3, 2009

The frames are built

During early November 2009, frame construction took place. Frame pictures show surfaces that have been encapsulated with clear epoxy and sanded to receive subsequent coats or gluing. While plans call for nailing of gussets, I used a couple of drywall screws at each gusset to prelocate parts so glue up would repeat the dry fit. One side was done at a time and let set over night. Then the frames were flipped, and reset into blocks and the second set of gussets were located and screwed, then disassembled, glued, screwed, and nailed. The flipping of the parts indicated the accuracy of the initial tracing of frame halves. In some cases, in minor tweaks of the assembly blocks were required. At final glue-up, silicone-bronze screws were used to replace any drywall screws used for pre-fit. Pre-drilling was required on the nails as the Okoume plywood is very dense and the mohogany frame pieces showed a slight split on the first gusset installation if nailed near an edge without pre-drilling.

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